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Welcome to Wentor, a student-led peer tutoring and mentorship program designed to support and guide students in their academic and personal growth.

Our program matches upperclassmen with underclassmen, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for students to share their experiences, struggles, and successes. Our tutors and mentors have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to pass on their skills and advice to the next generation of students.

We believe that peer tutoring and mentorship is a powerful tool in helping students reach their full potential. Our program offers students the opportunity to form meaningful connections with others, build their leadership skills, and gain valuable insights into their personal and academic goals.


Meet the mentors

naomi s.

wentor scholar

Naomi Solomon is a junior in high school. She is a first-generation student who has persevered and pioneered through adversities she faced in the school system. She has been playing the violin since 4th grade and has been showing her dedication to music. As well as her academic
career. While being a part of Wentor, she has shared her knowledge to help future students achieve their goals through this


eliana f.

wentor scholar

Eliana Fitsum is a junior in high school. She has been a student-athlete and an orchestra player since the fourth grade. She demonstrates devotion and commitment to school through hard work and perseverance, while managing to balance it with her extracurriculars.  Taking part in Wentor, she endeavors to experience growth while helping her fellow peers.

aleena s. 

wentor scholar

Aleena Sumrean is a junior in high school. Her passions include: Computer Science and STEM, in which she has furthered her interest by exploring a variety of coding websites and engineering platforms. Furthermore, she has taken stem courses as well as joining her school’s Women in STEM club in order to advocate for more women in the field. Since joining Wentor, she has encouraged her mentees to explore the field of STEM just as she has. 


jayson i. 

wentor scholar

Jayson Ignacio is a junior in high school. He is a hard-working and diligent student who takes vigorous classes to expand his opportunities for the future. Outside the classroom, he shows passion for sports and music by playing basketball and the violin for his school. As a member of Wentor, he has connected and created bonds with peers while promoting growth and success for their future aspirations.



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